Construction & Development

    Infrastructure, property management including construction services, roads & earthworks,water storage & treatment, sewerage treatment plants



    First class Information Technology service and support enterprises world wide.



    The highest-grade uranium mine in Malawi with extensive controls in place to ensure protection of air, water, wildlife and the environment.

Information Communications Technology

Business Intelligence:
The basis for its establishment was the need for good quality information is critical to organisations in the marketplace today. Executive business decisions are made based on the quality of information received at a specific point in time. The move from information to knowledge systems is becoming more evident, and the overlap of information science into the knowledge management domain is going to prove vital for future business applications and in the way we ordinary end users run our daily lives.

Accurate business decisions depend on clean, accurate data. Phundi Investments offers industry leading services that will assist many government departments and organisations by identifying, validating, collecting, manipulating and delivering the right data from the different heterogeneous platforms, identifying and eliminating inconsistent and duplicate data during integration and migration.

Other ITC Services:

  • Alternative Energy: Supplying Energy Solutions to many different sectors of   industry, organisations and governments.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Outsourcing and Professional Services
Construction and Developement

Phundi Investments owns part of Cranbrook Projects Pty Ltd and Cranbrook Construction, registered with NHBRC and CIDB (www.cranbrook.co.za).
Services Include:

  • Property Development (Stand alone, estate etc).
  • Planning(Environmental, township, civil, electrical)
  • Bulk Services
  • Link Services
  • Internal Services
  • Development Management


Roads & Earthworks

  • Roads & Earthworks
  • Water and sewerage reticulation
  • Stormwater
  • Electrical reticulation
  • Water Storage & Treatment
  • Effluent and water treatment
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewerage treatment plants
  • Reservoirs


Covering a wide range of traditional building construction including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial & service buildings
  • Property development facilitation
  • Mass housing
  • Township and residential developments;
  • PPP’s


Ilomba Hill Uranium and Rare Earth Metals Project in Malawi where the following have been done:

  • Aerial geophysics
  • Systematic Soil Sampling Completed and assays awaited
  • Mapping and Trenching